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Headstones and memorials become contaminated over time with moulds, marks, grime and biological growths. From a beautiful stone to dull grey or black in a relatively short amount of time 

Replacement memorials and headstones are hugely expensive to replace and there is no need . 

Using safe, effective, approved products we can clean your headstone and protect it for years to come. The results will amaze 

How Does it work?

We will visit the stone and pre treat it with our safe product. The next visit it will be ready to clean with our advanced cleaning system which involves no damaging scrubbing or scratching of the stone. 

The whole process will take a couple of weeks and on average four visits. When we are totally happy that the headstone is clean and protected we will ask you to inspect our work and let us know if you are satisfied. We do not take payment until we know you are a satisfied customer. 

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Headstone and memorial cleaning

East Anglia and the southeast


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